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  Some tips  ----,How  to trap me up --------------good luck....

 now here u gooooooooo ......... 

Stay in:  IIT Delhi                Age: 22 to 25 years                Belong to: Manan Almora UTTARANCHAL

Education: Doctorate          Mother tongue: Hindi            Profession: Student

Religion: Hindu                   Sun sign: Libra                       Eye-sight: Perfect

Height: 5' 8"                        Complexion: fair                    Body type: Fit / athletic


More About Me

Smoke : No never                       Drink: Like a fish                                  I eat: Organic / Health food

I Go Out : Only on weekends      I travel : Only when I have to              I watch : Comedy movies

Music: Bollywood, country, Folk, Hip Hop Indian , Classical , Instrumental, Western, Waisey to kuch bhi chalta hai......